Maria Fontanazza, Food Safety Tech and Christina Romas, Repositrak

Does the C-Suite Understand FSMA? Not Completely

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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Maria Fontanazza, Food Safety Tech and Christina Romas, Repositrak

The challenge of FSMA compliance is not just within the rules, but also in bridging the gap between the C-suite and other levels of an organization.

One year ago, the industry was speculating about the details of the final FSMA rules, but was very much taking a “wait-and-see” approach. With all seven rules finalized, companies are now preparing for compliance. Beyond taking the steps to ensure that companies understand their responsibilities pertaining to each rule, there has been continual concern over a lack of C-suite awareness—both related to FSMA and knowing what is really happening at the ground level. “I think there’s been a culture shift with food safety professionals having more visibility to the leadership team and to the C-suite,” said Christina Romas, senior vice president at Repositrak, during a recent interview with Food Safety Tech.

When asked whether she thought the C-suite adequately understands FSMA, Romas succinctly replied, “no”. Watch the rest of the video to hear what Romas had to say about FSMA compliance challenges and which rule is getting the most attention from industry thus far.


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