About Us

Food Safety Tech is a digital media community for food industry professionals interested in food safety and quality. We inform, educate and connect food manufacturers and processors, retail & food service, food laboratories, growers, suppliers and vendors, and regulatory agencies with original, in-depth features and reports, curated industry news and user-contributed content, and live and virtual events that offer knowledge, perspectives, strategies and resources to facilitate an environment that fosters safer food for consumers.

Since 2012, Food Safety Tech audiences have learned to respect and expect our high-quality content—via FoodSafetyTech.com, our weekly newsletter and by attending our educational programs. Food Safety Tech keeps professionals current with the latest information about technology, best practices and regulations, and how innovative solutions and approaches can be leveraged to further advance food safety across the globe.

Our highly interactive community also engages marketers with audiences involved in food safety and quality, food laboratories, supply chain, standards and training who are seeking knowledge, new solutions and guidance to help navigate evolving regulatory policies, compliance and the development and/or application of innovative technology. Food Safety Tech keeps your team, products and services engaged with current customers and prospects through an interactive content-rich community and an environment, delivering high visibility for successful Branding/Awareness, Thought Leadership and Demand-Generation campaigns.

Mission Statement:

Food Safety Tech publishes news, technology, trends, regulatory information, and expert opinions on food safety, food quality, food business and food sustainability. We also offer educational, career advancement and networking opportunities to the global food industry. This information exchange is facilitated through ePublishing, digital and live events. By providing such an exchange of knowledge and technologies, Food Safety Tech will aid in the advancement and progress of the global food industry, thus, contributing to a healthier world.

Leadership Team:

Rick Biros, President/Publisher, Innovative Publishing Co. LLCRick Biros, Founder / Publisher / Content Director / Conference Director
Food Safety Tech and the Food Safety Consortium Conference. Early in his career (1994) he developed and launched Food Quality, the first trade magazine serving the food safety and quality market. Rick continued his entrepreneurial interests with the development of Innovative Publishing Company, specializing in digital media and events. In 2012, he developed Food Safety Tech, a digital magazine and e-newsletter coupled with a series of focused conferences, both online and onsite. In the same year, the Food Safety Consortium Conference & Expo debuted. Rick is the President of Innovative Publishing Company and oversees the company’s two other digital publications, MedTech Intelligence and Cannabis Industry Journal as well as Rick runs the Cannabinoid Quality Conference. Innovative Publishing Company is a virtual company with full time employees around the country. Rick manages the company from Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts.  Contact Rick


RJ Palmero, Innovative PublishingRJ Palermo, Sales Director
RJ has more than 20 years of media, conference and agency experience. He was most recently a biopharmaceutical equipment contributor for the Pharma’s Almanac publication, and delivered several branding and research projects for pharmaceutical and medical device contract manufacturers. For 17 years RJ served as vice president of Interphex, the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing event in North America and was a key contributor of a successful launch of Medical Device Puerto Rico, which created the largest life sciences event in the Caribbean. RJ is an avid NY sports fan, and enjoys working out and spending time with his family and friends. RJ is married to his wife Beth, has a daughter Nora and dog Beau, and resides in Norwalk, CT. Contact RJ.


Food Safety Tech and MedTech Intelligence are published and owned by Innovative Publishing Company, Inc., Edgartown, Massachusetts USA; Rick Biros, President and Founding Principal.