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3M Acquires Elution Technologies in Expansion of Allergen Detection Services

3M has acquired the company Elution Technologies as of September 7, 2017. The acquisition enables 3M to add a new product to its portfolio that enables food and beverage companies to test for allergens such as peanuts, milk or soy.

“Elution Technologies’ test kits offer proven technology with an easy-to-use design that delivers fast and accurate results for companies offering peanut-free, gluten-free and other specialized foods for people with certain sensitivities and allergies,” said Polly Foss, general manager, 3M Food Safety. “We are pleased to add this technology to our broader food safety offering, and extend these important solutions to food processing companies across the globe.”

Testing for allergens has become increasingly important in the food industry. To find out more about this acquisition, please visit the 3M website.

Campbell Soup Company

In Move to Expand into Organic Food, Campbell’s Buys Pacific Foods

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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Campbell Soup Company

As consumer preferences continue the shift toward organic food, Campbell Soup Co. announced its $700 million acquisition of Pacific Foods today. The cash deal will help Campbell Soup expand into the organic and functional food spaces, according to company president and CEO Denise Morrison.

Pacific Foods is an excellent fit with Campbell — strategically, culturally and philosophically,” said Morrison in a company press release. “It advances our strategic imperatives around real food, transparency, sustainability and health and well-being. Culturally, Campbell and Pacific Foods share similar values and a commitment to a purpose-driven approach. Philosophically, both companies believe in making food that we are proud to serve at our own tables using simple, recognizable ingredients.”

Pacific Foods produces organic broth and soup, as well as shelf-stable plant-based beverages and other meals. The Oregon-based company, which employees 540 people, will become part of Campbell’s Americas Simple Meals and Beverages division. Pacific Foods CEO and co-founder Chuck Eggert will remain a supplier of key ingredients through his family farms, which will help the company continue its farm-to-table philosophy. “We’ve spent the past 30 years focused on making nourishing foods with an emphasis on simple, organic ingredients and authentic, rich flavors,” said Eggert. “Looking ahead, a future with Campbell means we can maintain what we value while accelerating growth of the brand in a way that we couldn’t do alone, reaching more people while increasing our impact on sustainable agriculture.”