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Meat Scandal in Brazil Expands to Exotic Products

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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–Update– Did you guess that this article was the fake news? If so, congratulations! Happy April Fool’s Day.

Now notoriously known as “Operation Weak Flesh”, the Brazilian meat scandal has caused concern across the global. Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of red meat, and several countries have banned imports from the country, following the allegations that Brazilian meat processors have been selling rotten meat and poultry.

In the latest twist, a few exotic meats have also been implicated in the scandal. Delicacies that include penguin meat, smoked puffin and barbequed turtle are reportedly among the new items inspectors added to their list of products unfit for human consumption.

The USDA currently does not allow for the import of penguin, puffin or turtle meat, and thus U.S. consumers do not need to be concerned.

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