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Schimadzu, GCMS-QP2020

Shimadzu Releases High-Sensitivity GCMS Instrument for Labs

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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Schimadzu, GCMS-QP2020

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has announced the availability of a GCMS-QP2020 high-sensitivity gas chromatograph mass spectrometer. With custom configurations to meet the demands of food labs, the instrument features a multi-function ion source, high-speed scan control and a large-capacity turbomolecular pump with heightened exhaust efficiency, which improves instrument performance when operated using helium, hydrogen and nitrogen. The mass spectrometer’s ion source technology creates a stable space for ion creation, prevents contamination due to source interactions, and offers the ability to switch ionization modes without venting the system. Users can employ a Quick-CI option that enables the introduction of reagent gas while using the EI source to look for the molecular ion. A smart selected ion monitoring (SIM) functionality enables higher SIM sensitivity. Additional features included upgraded GCMSsolution software for intuitive control of the mass spectrometer. Optional databases have additional retention indices for common columns and support accurate qualitative analysis, quantitative method development and screening studies.