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Susanne Kuehne, Decernis
Food Fraud Quick Bites

Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf

By Susanne Kuehne
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Susanne Kuehne, Decernis
Food fraud, soy, minced beef
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Image credit: Susanne Kuehne

Nearly 800 tons of minced meat worth more than $5.5 million was adulterated in a way where the meat was replaced with soy, beef fat, animal skin and starch. The meat was supplied from Poland and sold in France to charitable organizations like the Red Cross. The ingredients, which were of very low quality, did not pose a health risk, however, altered the taste and texture of the meat; an investigation is ongoing.


  1. Courrier Picard (June 7, 2019). “Du gras, de la peau, du soja… Tout sauf de la viande dans ces steacks livrés à des associations”.