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USDA FSIS Releases New Salmonella Control Guideline for Swine Slaughter and Pork Processing

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Services (FSIS) has updated its voluntary guideline for federally regulated swine slaughter and pork processing establishments to control Salmonella in market hogs from pre-harvest through slaughter. The agency announced that it updated the document in response to comments on the previous guideline and to incorporate current, peer-reviewed scientific references related to pre-harvest controls, swine slaughter, processing of pork cuts, and comminuted pork products.

The guideline covers:

  • Pre-harvest controls, including farm rearing, multi-hurdle interventions, transport, and lairage
  • Slaughter controls
  • Best practice recommendations for pork fabrication controls, including processing, packaging, and distribution controls for pork cuts and comminuted pork products.

Download the new guideline here.