Deirdre Schlunegger, CEO of STOP Foodborne Illness
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A New Year

By Deirdre Schlunegger
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Deirdre Schlunegger, CEO of STOP Foodborne Illness

As our mission continues in 2017, we remain committed to prevention and working with those affected by foodborne illness.

Hello everyone, Happy New Year! STOP Foodborne Illness had a busy 2016, and we are busy planning details for 2017. The ultimate goal is to work with all stakeholders to reduce foodborne illness. We are fortunate to have wonderful partners around the country and beyond who support our efforts and are interested in furthering the cause. There are too many people still dying from food poisoning.

We will continue to work with individuals, families, folks in the food industry and businesses related to solving the problem of foodborne illness. We are very interested in continuing our participation with food safety training including working with companies to create videos for training. Hearing a story and the consequences of foodborne illness makes a difference when one is trying to drive the importance home. We are leaning hard into our work as usual. If we can help you in any way, please give us a call or send us an email.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who has helped us with our work in 2016, including our board members, our donors, our volunteers to those who helped with the webinar (Food Safety Culture: We Know Why, Let’s Talk About How), Mike Taylor, Frank Yiannas and Steve Schluneger, and to Food Safety Tech for hosting our annual event again in 2016 There are many more people to thank but not enough space here.

Please take a look at some of our 2016 efforts and successes!

Enjoy the year, enjoy your successes, learn from mistakes and stay safe in every way.

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