Food Safety Supply Chain Conference

A food company’s supply chain can be the weakest link in their food safety program. Food ingredient adulteration, fraud, and counterfeiting negatively impacts everyone in the food supply chain. FDA has recognized the risk in the food supply chain. Sanitary transportation and the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) are major components of FSMA with final rules being issued this year in April and May, respectively.

Drop the Mop! Take a Clean New Look at Condensation Control in Food Processing Facilities

Recorded: 2/23/2017 – Condensation. This webinar takes a look at how cold food processing facilities manage condensation formed on overhead surfaces during sanitation. Food processing facility experts will discuss a way to help reduce dripping during production with a new method of managing condensation as well as increasing productivity, eliminating manual intervention and saving money

Supply Chain QA Blind Spot: Are Audits Enough? Webinar

Recorded October 19, 2016 – Is a periodic visit to your suppliers sufficient for quality assurance to protect your markets, your company’s reputation, your career? This webinar is going to address the other necessary activities besides audits for a serious supply chain QA program that will meet the new standards. Sponsored by GSQA.

2017 AOCS Annual Meeting

The AOCS Annual Meeting is a premier international science and business forum on fats, oils, surfactants, lipids, and related materials. The extensive technical program will feature more than 650 invited and volunteer oral and poster presentations.

Mitigating Risk in the Supply Chain: Key factors to Consider for Food Safety Outside Your Four Walls

A look at elements that focus on the ability to connect with the supply chain, while maintaining an acceptable level of compliance, including risk management activities that organizations employ to create greater visibility and control in supplier management, building better relationships, and encouraging the supply chain to participate in the quality management process, while limiting risks along the way. Recorded August 10, 2016