Food Safety Hazards Series: Listeria Detection, Mitigation, Control & Regulation

The CDC estimates that nearly 48 million people fall ill and 3000 people die annually as a result of foodborne illness. Listeria is a concern due to the high percentage of fatalities that occur as a result of contracting Listeriosis. Many of these cases are preventable. During this virtual event, experts will discuss challenges and tangible best practices in Listeria detection, mitigation and control.

Food Safety Consortium Virtual Conference Series

The 9th annual Food Safety Consortium will bring together perspectives from different angles in food safety to discuss topics that include FDA and FSMA, supply chain challenges, and the lasting impact of COVID-19 and strategies for the industry to move forward. The event will take place as a four-week Spring and five-week Fall program. Both the Spring and Fall programs.

The Rodent Problem: What You Need to Know Now Solving for Booming Populations, Unique COVID-19 Challenges and the Future

Have you noticed an increase in rodent issues lately? It’s not your imagination. Rodent populations were on the rise before the pandemic hit – and COVID-19 shutdowns have only exacerbated the problem. What is a business to do? Experts in pest control have an eye-opening conversation about rodents and fast-advancing rodent control technologies.