Dr. Bob Strong

Dr. Bob Strong is Industry Leader for Food Safety at SAI Global Assurance Services, and a driving force behind food safety operations in the areas of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) and supplier assurance programs, including SAFE, SQF and BRC. Dr. Strong consults on food safety for a number of the leading hospitality and manufacturing chains both within and outside the U.S. Dr. Strong has more than 39 years of experience in the food industry, while working for national and international companies in quality assurance, product development and auditing. He is an oft-requested seminar speaker in the areas of GMP and HACCP. He earned a Ph.D. and BSC in Chemistry and is an accomplished food safety trainer for numerous food safety manager certification courses including Serv Safe and Experior. In addition, he is a GMP/HACCP instructor, a Lead Auditor trainer, and is also certified to consult on the Global Food Safety Initiative by SQF and by BRC, and is certified in 19 product categories.