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FDA Announces Waivers to FSMA Sanitary Transportation Rule

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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FSMA, Food Safety Tech, FDA

The three waivers apply to businesses with transportation operations subject to State-Federal controls.

As of today, April 6, larger companies are expected to be compliant with the FSMA Sanitary Transportation rule. However, yesterday FDA announced its intention to waive the rule’s requirements in specific cases in which foods did not need to be protected from becoming unsafe. The FDA waivers apply to businesses that have transportation operations subject to State-Federal controls, including:

  • Businesses that have valid permits and inspected under the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments’ Grade “A” Milk Safety Program, only when transporting Grade “A” milk and milk products.
  • Food establishments that are authorized to operate when engaged as receivers; shippers and carriers in operations in which food is delivered directly to customers; other locations the establishment or its affiliates operate that serve or sell food directly to consumers.
  • Businesses that transport molluscan shellfish that are certified and inspected under the requirements established by the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference’s (ISSC) National Shellfish Sanitation Program (NSSP) and that transport the shellfish in vehicles permitted under ISSC authority.

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