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FSMA IQ Test: Part VI

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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Take the final part of the FSMA IQ test series.

The final part of the Food Safety Tech series FSMA IQ Test is here. But first, take a look at the results of Part V. If you haven’t yet taken Part V, click here. Result of Part VI will be posted next week.

  1. CCPs previously established under HACCP or previous hazard analysis may be a preventive control under FSMA. TRUE
    • 95% answered correctly
  2. You must document all records to be included in records review under FSMA. TRUE
    • 89% answered correctly
  3. Product testing for pathogen or indicator organism is not addressed under FSMA verification and reevaluation. FALSE
    • 79% answered correctly
  4. Environmental monitoring for an environmental pathogen or indicator is always required under FSMA verification and reevaluation. FALSE
    • Responses here were nearly split: 51% answered correctly
  5. Under FSMA, you must conduct reanalysis of cGMPs at least every three years. FALSE
    • Only 21% answered correctly
  6. You must document justification of records not required by a food safety plan in a food operation under FSMA. TRUE
    • 61% answered correctly


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