HorizonScan Hazard Challenge: Quiz 2


Welcome to our second weekly HorizonScan Hazard Challenge. The answer to last week’s question is shown at the bottom of this message.

This week’s question deals with pepper. Did you know that for centuries pepper has been considered the “King of Spices?” It was one of the very first items of commerce between India and Europe. It was so valuable that entire expeditions were made in hopes of transporting more back to Europe as quickly as possible.

Hazard Question #2 – Which country of origin has been cited by global inspection agencies the most times in the past year for adulteration issues in pepper?

Hint: With HorizonScan you could find the answer to today’s quiz in less than ten seconds by doing a search on “pepper – black, pink or white” and then selecting the one-year country of origin bar chart on the results page.

Food risks for a particular ingredient can vary greatly from country to country. HorizonScan can show you the most likely risks to your products based on where each of its ingredients are sourced. To request updated pricing information or a free demo fill out this contact form.


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