Part II: FSMA IQ Test

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Take Part II of the FSMA IQ Test, and find out how you fared on Part I.

More than 400 people took Part I of the FSMA IQ Test. Read on for the results, and then take Part II of the FSMA IQ test (results of which will be posted next week).

Part I

  1. FSMA requires all records for the reevaluation of cGMPs every three years. FALSE
    • Only 31.8% got it right
  2. Implementation records are required for every FSMA requirement. TRUE
    • 77% answered correctly
  3. Plant borders not under the operator’s controls are not included within cGMPs. FALSE
    • 81% answered FALSE
  4. Under some circumstances, FSMA requires that conformance of a customer’s control of a hazard is required. TRUE
    • 85% got it right
  5. Under FSMA cGMPs, you must be able to identify at least 95% all possible contaminated product. FALSE
    • Results were almost split: 48% answered TRUE; 52% answered FALSE
  6. Monitoring of frequency of preventive controls must be conducted by the operation as part of the food safety plan. TRUE
    • 95% answered correctly.

Part II

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