Results: FSMA IQ Test on Sanitary Transportation of Human & Animal Food

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View the results for the FSMA Sanitary Transport IQ test.

The results are in for the latest FSMA IQ test about the sanitary transportation rule. If you haven’t taken the test yet, visit the survey here. Results are posted below.

  1. Data sets must be shared between shippers, carriers, loaders & receivers to ensure rules are properly implemented. TRUE
    • 76.04% answered correctly
  2. Employee training is not a requirement for the shipping of food product. FALSE
    • 98.97% answered correctly
  3. Only the personnel of the carriers transporting food product require training and training records. FALSE
    • 89.58% answered correctly
  4. Records of certified disposal of food freight loss and damage must be maintained and verified. TRUE
    • 93.81% answered correctly
  5. Foreign-supplied shipments should include records that comprise the listing of all required information to confirm the safety of the product being shipped and the shipping instructions to protect the product during shipment. TRUE
    • 98.95% answered correctly
  6. Shippers need not develop and implement written procedures to ensure compliance of food shipments unless the carrier has entered into a written agreement with the shipper to assume this responsibility. FALSE
    • 77.08% answered correctly
  7. Shipper & carrier can agree to a condition & temperature monitoring mechanism for foods that requires temperature control for safety. TRUE
    • 91.67% answered correctly
  8. Carriers need not demonstrate that they have maintained requested condition & temperature conditions. FALSE
    • 92.55% answered correctly
  9. Carriers must disclose identity of most recent prior bulk cargo & cleaning information prior to the next shipment. TRUE
    • 90.63% answered correctly
  10. It is the receiver of food shipments that ensures food is not be sold or distributed until a determination of safety is made? TRUE
    • 73.96% answered correctly

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