Maria Fontanazza, Editor-in-Chief, Innovative Publishing Co. LLC
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Translating the Talk into Action

By Maria Fontanazza
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Maria Fontanazza, Editor-in-Chief, Innovative Publishing Co. LLC

Partnerships. Collaboration. Transparency. Alignment. Accountability. Let’s start talking about how we’re going to move forward.

With a little less than two months under my belt as an editor in the food safety industry, I have already started to become a bad dinner date and my hands beg for mercy as a result of my newfound obsession with soap and water.

Quirks aside, I am seeing some common threads in this industry, although they are themes we see in any highly regulated industry. Partnerships. Collaboration. Transparency. Alignment. Accountability. Now more than ever, these words mean something. FSMA has forced the issue of food safety to the forefront. Yet, we’ve barely begun and I’m already hearing the phrase “FSMA Fatigue”.

For the folks who have been involved in preparing for FSMA from the start, they probably are a bit fatigued. There have been many meetings, and there’s been a lot of talking surrounding what’s going to happen, what needs to be done, and what challenges we’ll face (in many cases, together). But let’s not forget that not everyone is as well versed on the nuances of the regulation. I admit, I am raising my hand here… for now.

Now let’s back up a couple of sentences. “There’s been a lot of talk…” Yes, there has been. While these are enthusiastic discussions about what we as regulators, food processors, retailers, suppliers, scientists and everyone in between should be anticipating with FSMA rules and the consequent implementation, HOW are we going to navigate this new frontier?

Let’s start this conversation now.

You’ll see a lot of changes to Food Safety Tech this year. We’ve already started the information exchange with industry stakeholders about how we’re going to work together to get through FSMA implementation and the tools we need to arm our audience with to help them along this journey. We also just announced our Call for Abstracts for the Food Safety Consortium Conference in November.  The Consortium will bring together leaders and regulators in this industry and facilitate a forum for that candid “how” discussion. Food Safety Culture will receive strong attention, and key players will be presenting a case history of how to apply metrics to food safety culture within organizations.

I’m excited to join this industry, and thank you to those who have already extended a warm welcome. And for the many who I have yet to meet, please drop me a note as you encounter challenges or have ideas about critical food safety topics. Our job at Food Safety Tech is to provide a platform through which we can enable a constructive dialogue about overcoming challenges, working together effectively, and navigating this journey into the future of food safety.

Maria Fontanazza

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