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Hygiene and Efficiency in Food Processing: Goodway Technologies’ Advanced Solutions

By Evan Reyes
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Q&A with Evan Reyes, Global Director of Sales, Sanitation Division, Goodway Technologies

Goodway Technologies provides cleaning and sanitation equipment for the food and beverage processing industry. They offer a range of products including dry steam cleaners, conveyor belt cleaning systems, industrial vacuums, and surface sanitizing equipment. They also specialize in innovative solutions such as CIP technologies and industrial vacuums. Their goal is to help improve hygiene and food safety, and increase production efficiency in food production plants.

QUESTION: Is steam safe to use around water sensitive equipment?

ANSWER: Thanks to the low moisture content of dry steam, we are able to use it to safely clean motors, conduit, control panels, and other areas where water use is typically not welcome. Some highly sensitive components like touch screen, power receptacles, and photo eyes should still not be directly steam cleaned, although you can steam clean in close proximity to these sensitive components without worrying about them getting wet.

Goodway Technologies

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QUESTION: How can you get to a passing ATP level without introducing cleaning chemicals to aid in the process?

ANSWER: In the right applications, our belt cleaning systems will do the job of a cleaning chemical to break down the soils using dry steam, and then we follow up with vacuum extraction to physically remove the soil from the belt. This is a powerful cleaning combination that leads to a very clean and completely dry belt surface. 

Goodway Technologies PureBelt

We frequently see 0 ATP readings after the belt cleaning is completed, and are always within a passing ATP level after cleaning. One other benefit is that we provide a consistent cleaning across the entire belt surface, every time, eliminating the possibility of an operator missing a spot on the belt, failing a swab, and needing to re-clean.

Link to case study


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