FDA Food Recalls Up Nearly 93% Since 2012

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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Bacterial contamination and undeclared allergens lead the way in causes.

Over the past five years, the food and beverage industry has seen a big increase in the units recalled—a 92.7% spike in FDA recalls and an 83.4% increase in recalled pounds by USDA since 2012, according to Stericycle’s quarterly recall index. The firm cites technological advances in food testing, factory farming and more automation in food production as the main contributors to the high numbers.

During Q4 2017, bacterial contamination and undeclared allergens led the pack in food recall causes. According to Stericycle, back in 2012, about 28% of FDA food recalls were a result of bacterial contamination, while undeclared allergens accounted for 35% of pounds of food recalled by USDA. During Q4 2017, 44% of food recalls (based on units) were from bacterial contamination, followed by undeclared allergens (31%), mislabeling (13%), and quality (10%). Among the top categories for recalls were prepared foods (20%, nuts and seeds (16%), produce (15%) and baked goods (12%). In addition, nearly 50% of the USDA recalled pounds were a result of lack of inspection.

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  1. Mark

    I like the last comment lack of inspection.
    I am a Logitics proffessional but have observed such a battle of wills between production and quality personel over proper handling technics.
    This is absolutely an area where no means no.
    If quality asks for it to be done a certain way that is how it will be done . We have a super team of QA prrsonel which as you well know is worth its weight in gold and the company is better for it.

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