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Final FSMA IQ Test Results: Part VI

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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Final results are revealed, with more to come at next week’s 2016 Food Safety Consortium.

Thank you for participating in the final FSMA IQ test. For this round, a couple of the answers proved challenging for participants. At next week’s Food Safety Consortium, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the FSMA IQ test, with additional questions to be asked. They will also have the chance to discuss the answers with industry experts. Prizes, which include gift cards and consultation services with FSMA experts, will be awarded based on the amount of correct answers achieved. We hope to see you there!

  1. When necessary following reanalysis, you must demonstrate the control measures can be implanted as designed within 90 calendar days after production of the applicable food or within reasonable timeframe based on certain provisions. TRUE
    • 78% answered correctly
  2. You must implement corrective actions and corrections properly, including procedures to address the presence of organisms in ready-to-eat as a result of product testing. TRUE
    • 67% answered correctly
  3. Under section 117.150, you must implement corrective actions based on your determined response for all affected food as evaluated. FALSE
    • Only 12% answered correctly
  4. Under FSMA, recall process must be completed for a recall or recall exercise and any reanalysis of the plan. FALSE
    • Only 14% answered correctly
  5. FSMA verification and validation requires that monitoring and corrective actions must be within 90 working days. FALSE
    • 42% answered correctly
  6. Under FSMA supply chain requirements, you must document approved suppliers. TRUE
    • 96% answered correctly

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