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FSMA Update: FDA Launches Accredited Third-Party Certification Site

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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FSMA, Food Safety Tech, FDA

FDA’s voluntary program recognizes accreditation bodies that will accredit third-party certification bodies.

On Wednesday FDA launched a website where organizations can apply to be recognized as a third-party accreditation body. The certifications are used either to establish eligibility to participate in the voluntary qualified importer program, which provides expedited review and entry of food for eligible participants, or in circumstances in which FDA requires an imported food to be certified to keep potentially harmful food from entering the United States.

“Accredited Third-Party Certification is a voluntary program in which FDA recognizes ‘accreditation bodies’ that will have the responsibility of accrediting third-party ‘certification bodies’. The certification bodies will conduct food safety audits and issue certifications of foreign food facilities.” – FDA

Organizations can fill out a program application on FDA’s website.

Ask the FDA: Recognizing Third Party Accreditation Bodies

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