#m, Petrifilm Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plate

Lactic Acid Bacteria Test First to Earn Independent Validation

#m, Petrifilm Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plate

The all-in-one solution can help companies mitigate risks and improve operational efficiencies.

The Petrifilm Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plate is the first commercial method of its kind to win validation from a third-party scientific organization, the AOAC Research Institute.

#m, Petrifilm Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plate
3M’s Petrifilm Lactic Acid Bacteria Count Plate

Launched last August, the ready-to-use plate streamlines the testing process for lactic acid bacteria spoilage organisms. By assessing the bacterial levels acceptable for foods, the test can help companies extend product shelf life, reduce waste (the plates produce 66% less waste by weight and volume compared to certain agar methods), and potentially minimize recalls by allowing them to modify processing conditions or change cleaning and sanitation procedures. The test also provides accurate results in a shorter timeframe.

The AOAC Performance-Tested Method, Certificate #041701, is intended for a variety of foods (lactic acid bacteria is a concern for manufacturers of foods such as meat, fish, poultry, processed foods, produce, dairy products, dressings and sauces). Manufactured by 3M, the plate was tested on an environmental surface and a variety of food matrices as part of the validation process.

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