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Part III: FSMA IQ Test

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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Take Part III of the FSMA IQ Test and review last week’s results from Part II.

Here are the results of Part II’s FSMA IQ Test. If you haven’t taken Part II yet, follow this link. Under the results is Part III of the IQ test, results of which will be posted next week.

  1. Written supply chain plans are not included in FSMA food safety plans. FALSE
    • 92% answered correctly
  2. Mandatory recalls are provided under FSMA as a new requirement. TRUE
    • 82% got this right
  3. Under FSMA, FDA cannot unilaterally issue administrative detention and must work through a court order. FALSE
    • 93% answered correctly
  4. Under FSMA verification and validation, a thermometer challenge and calibration for use is an acceptable example of an established validation program and controls. TRUE
    • 85% said “true”
  5. Dogs may be allowed into some areas of the plant under FSMA. TRUE
    • ONLY 27% answered this correctly!
  6. Verification effectiveness of the implementation of preventive controls needs to be evident but not documented under FSMA. FALSE
    • 92% answered correctly

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  1. Darryl Riley

    Dogs may be allowed into some areas of the plant under FSMA. TRUE….I did a search under FSAM but did not see this…can you explain where it is?

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