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Part IV: FSMA IQ Test

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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Take Part IV of the FSMA IQ Test and check out last week’s results from Part III.

The following are the results of Part III of the FSMA IQ Test. Haven’t taken it yet? Click here to take Part III. Under the results is Part IV of the IQ test, results of which will be posted next week.

Part III Answers:

  1. cGMPs under FSMA require that outer garments be suitable to protect against allergen contamination. TRUE
    • 79.5% answered correctly
  2. Preventive controls may not include natural toxins. FALSE
    • 78% answered correctly
  3. You do not need to document records of all product testing under FSMA. FALSE
    • 82% answered correctly
  4. The hazard analysis process is determined within the food safety plans. TRUE
    • 87% answered correctly
  5. No special precautions are required for outdoor bulk storage vessels other than providing a hermetically sealed condition for the product being stored. FALSE
    • 89% answered correctly
  6. Under FSMA, FDA does not address employee protection plan, which is covered under EEOC. FALSE
    • Only 44% answered correctly

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