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Part V: FSMA IQ Test

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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Part V of the FSMA IQ Test and view last week’s results from Part IV.

The following are the results of Part IV of the FSMA IQ Test. Haven’t taken it yet? Click here to take Part IV. Under the results is Part V of the IQ test, the results of which will be posted next week.

Part IV results:

  1. FSMA requires that verification and validation include a documented internal audit verifying monitoring of food safety plan, as prescribed, including all associated control instruments. TRUE
    • 95% answered correctly
  2. FSMA preventive controls does not require hazards be addressed under the HACCP plan. FALSE
    • 63% answered correctly
  3. The food safety plan does not require hazards that are unintentionally introduced within an operation’s processes. FALSE
    • 98% answered correctly
  4. You must implement written programs to conduct reanalysis of food safety plan as a whole at least every three years. TRUE
    • 84% answered correctly
  5.  A designated employee training must conduct the verification of the food safety plan, as needed. FALSE
    • 79% answered correctly
  6. Control limits must be included within the hazard analysis and preventive controls for HACCP. FALSE
    • 88% answered correctly

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