Product pests, Rentokil

The Reality: Pests Cause Product Contamination

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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Product pests, Rentokil

And the outcome is expensive.

While it may seem obvious to many food companies that a pest infestation can lead to significant product contamination, on a global scale not all regions are on top of this problem. According to a recent research conducted by Rentokil, 82% of U.S. businesses are proactive about pest control, but the percentage falls to 68% in the UK and dips a bit lower to 65% in France. This is significant because pests such as cockroaches, flies and birds can cause serious contamination such as Salmonellosis and E. coli as well as facilitate the spread of diseases through their droppings.

The following infographic from Rentokil outlines the problems that pests can cause and methods food companies can use to fight contamination.

Pests, Rentokil
The Problem of Pests. Infographic courtesy of Rentokil. Full infographic available here.

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  1. Paul Berry

    I could not agree more as having dealt with many outbreaks of pest infestation in retail sectors and then having to deal with Pest company’s limited action on control, I went to the world of IPM and electronic use of pest control with 100 % success. This strategy provided a 24 hour risk management process encompassing areas that pest control teams do not enter. Now looking after Ready to eat meals plant and a triple barrier pest control program I cannot stress the importance of keeping all pest out of your premises by starting with the entry points.

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