Y-strainer, water filtration

Food Safety: Why Water Filtration is Important

By Tim McFall
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Y-strainer, water filtration

Filtration removes sediment, chemicals, minerals and organic matter, and can prevent contaminants from entering water.

What Are Y-Strainers?

Y-strainer, water filtration
A y-strainer is a pipe fitting that has a filter that intersects the main channel to remove impurities from liquids or gas that flows through piping.

Y-strainers are pipe fittings that work to remove impurities from liquids or gas flowing through the piping via a filtering component that intersects the main channel. These fittings are called y-strainers because they have a “Y” shape. As the water, other liquid or steam flow through the pipes, it is forced through the y-strainer. Inside the leg of the y-strainer, there is a screening element that catches unwanted debris, preventing it from continuing through the pipes where it could eventually end up in food or liquid intended for consumption.

The y-strainer is a popular tool for liquid and steam applications. It is able to handle high pressures—up to 6000 psi is not unusual. It can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal position, depending on the configuration of the pipes. In either of those cases, the screening element has to be on the downside of the structure so that it can catch debris.

Y-strainers must be cleaned manually, but there are many benefits that offset this small task.

Benefits of Y-Strainers

  • Some y-strainers have automated systems that are called blow-off valves, which make the clean up easier. They pump out the debris that is collected, so there is less manual labor.
  • Whether they have a blow-off valve or not, cleaning is easy, and it doesn’t interrupt the process.
  • Y-strainers protect the equipment that is downstream from contaminants that could cause damage.
  • They can handle high pressure from liquids or steam and are considered standard for steam applications.
  • Various perforations, mesh or perforation mesh combinations are available to meet process requirements.

Applications of Y-Strainers

Y-strainers are used in numerous applications—far more than simply in the food and beverage processing industry. They are used in all kinds of liquid straining applications in various industries including:

  • Diesel engines
  • Cosmetics manufacturing
  • Chemical processing
  • Petrochemical and Petroleum industries
  • Air or natural gas applications
  • Power generation
  • Steam applications
  • Marine applications
  • Pharma industry

They are also commonly used in pipelines to protect motors, steam traps, pumps, regulators, control valves and other similar equipment.

Y-strainers play a vital role in keeping water used in food and beverage processing and service clean and safe for consumers.

Final Thoughts about Why Water Filtration is Important for Food Safety

Water filtration systems are essential for every food processing company. They will ensure that water quality meets or exceeds standards set by regulating agencies. Using filtration systems will also ensure that consumers receive safe food and beverages that are free from contaminants and taste great.

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