ImEpik Launches Food Safety Training


The training is available thanks to a partnership with AIB International.

ImEpik is launching an online training course HARPC for the Qualified Individual, and a second option through AIB International as a reseller, HARPC Online for Your Preventive Controls Support Team. The courses delve into the challenges faced by food facilities that must record and verify food safety training in their food safety plans.

“The direct connection between ImEpik’s state-of-the-art interactive learning program and AIB’s proven training and auditing success allows food companies to more efficiently train their personnel, fix gaps and document the content of HARPC training,” said Company CEO Tim Wilson in a press release. “The impact of this partnership on food safety education will be profound.”

According to ImEpik, online HARPC training for food processing employees in the food manufacturing industry was nonexistent. As a result, the company created the first interactive assessment-based training that is accessible via desktop, laptop or tablet.  The courses already underwent pilot testing in United States and globally. The course features include animation, self-paced modular content, online supplementary manual, performance assessment for certificate of completion and learning analytics. It can also be integrated into a Learning Management System.

Course enrollment is open for HARPC Online for Your Preventive Controls Support Team through AIB’s website.

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