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Test Your FSMA IQ Smarts

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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How well do you understand FSMA? Take the test and find out.

FSMA Preventive Controls: Are You Prepared? Use this self-diagnostic assessment tool to help determine your current state of planning for FSMA.With so many factors and new requirements to consider, have you and your team thought about how well you really know FSMA and all that the new regulations entail? Here at Food Safety Tech, we’ve heard from sources in the industry that many elements of FSMA are not fully understood.

Working with Bill Bremer, principal of food safety compliance at Kestrel Management, LLC, Food Safety Tech is introducing a six-part FSMA IQ test. Results will be posted each week in our Food Safety Consortium newsletter leading up to the 2016 event.

Take part I of the FSMA IQ Test.

Find out how you did on Part I, and then take Part II here.

Part III

Part IV

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  1. Trish Wester

    I really like the concept behind this and think presenting it in smaller chunks like this will help folks move toward compliance.
    Question wording seemed somewhat unclear at times, but perhaps that’s just me.
    Looking forward to seeing more “tests”!!!

  2. Craig Reinhart

    I agree that wording of some questions seemed odd. Were you trying to make questions more specific and harder to answer?
    Also, it would have been nice to see the answers to know if I answered correctly.

  3. Bruce

    This was not a test as no results are provided – this is a survey. How do you plan to use the results of this survey? I feel that this has been presented falsely and believe you should take it down until you have rewritten the wording around it to reflect that it is a survey rather than test.

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