Jeff Mitchell, Gina Kramer, Listeria

The Increase in Listeria Recalls and What You Can Do About It

By Food Safety Tech Staff
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Jeff Mitchell, Gina Kramer, Listeria

It’s not about zero tolerance. It’s about finding the bacteria and getting it out of your facility.

Why has the food industry been seeing more Listeria outbreaks in recent years? What is the reason behind it? According to Jeff Mitchell, vice president of food safety at Chemstar, the prevalence in Listeria-related recalls may have more to do with the fact that industry is collecting more meaningful data. During a Q&A with Gina Kramer, founder and executive director of Savour Food Safety International, Inc., Mitchell discusses the methods through which industry is collecting data and how food companies should be using a sanitation program to rid facilities of resident Listeria at the 2015 Food Safety Consortium.

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  1. Bignon

    I agree about the listeria or others pathogens or processes germs data processing
    Our QM don’t take time to do it; they don’t know and use statistical data processing and SPC enough
    They forget with a very amazing speed statistics while their studies are ended……!!!!!!
    May be its will become

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